Due to the current high volume of sales, anything ordered between now and Christmas will be shipped after the New Year. We apologize for any delays.

Care Instructions

General Bag Care 

Here are a couple tips to keeping your bag in tip top shape. 
When needed, wipe down the outside of the bag and straps with a clean slightly damp cloth. For Nubuck and Suede bags we strongly recommend purchasing a specialized cleaner such as this one on amazon.
All of our bags are made from full and top grain leather and typically do not need to be conditioned until after a year of use. Any quality leather conditioner will work but we alway recommend testing any conditioner on a small, inconspicuous part of your leather item. Conditioning with oil or an oil based conditioner will darken the color of your leather, so use with caution. *Please note that we do not recommend conditioning Nubuck or Suede bags as it can permanently discolor and change the texture of the leather. 
Waterproofing Nubuck and Suede
You can easily waterproof Nubuck and Suede bags by buying a waterproofing spray (any quality product that you would use on shoes such as Uggs will work). If you plan on waterproofing your bag, we recommend doing so right after you purchase it as it will add an extra protection to your bag. 
If storing for a long period of time, stuff bag with paper and hang or place in a cool dry place. 

Indigo Care Instructions 

Handwash or wash on gentle cycle with 1/4 cup white vinegar. line-dry and iron when needed.


Keep-out of direct sunlight.